Application info

Participant profile
We look for Master/PhD students and young professionals (within 10 years after graduation) with at least an academic Bachelor’s degree in any technical subject. If you are close to obtaining such a Bachelor’s degree or holding a bachelor’s degree or higher and a strong interest in Maintenance Management & Engineering you may apply as well.

Full attendance is required to obtain the certificate. 2 ECTS will be assigned upon completion of the WCM Summer School. If you are a (PhD) student it is up to students’ home institutions as to how much credit is finally awarded but we are happy to advise them and if necessary provide them with the course program.

Application deadline
If you want to participate apply and fill in the WCM Summer School application form (before June 1st)!

Limited number of scholarships available
For a limited number of master students (full) scholarships are available. Participants who would like to be considered for one of these scholarships should mention it on their application form and provide a statement explaining why they need the scholarship to attend the programme. In some cases partial scholarships may be awarded.

WCM Summer School 2017 fee
For students and company professionals there are different fees:

  • Company professionals: € 2250 (excl. VAT and lodging)
  • Phd students: € 550 (excl. VAT and lodging)
  • Master students: € 50 (excl. VAT and lodging)
  • Master students (incl. basic lodging): € 150 (excl. VAT)
  • WCM members: € 2025 (excl. VAT and lodging) (including 10% discount for silver, gold and platinum members)
  • Ministry of Defense participants: special discount fee as host organisation
    (€ 1033 excl. VAT, free lodging by internal defense service organisation)

Lodging options

  • No lodging
  • Basic lodging for students: €100 * 
  • Hotel very near to main location: € 500 **

* By basic lodging we mean a simple hotel. The rooms are efficiently furnished and showers could be shared. It is also possible that students have to share a room.
 Basic lodging is only available for students, because of the limited availability of rooms. The cost for basic lodging, including breakfast, is €100 for a max. of 5 nights. If basic lodging is not available you will receive information about other hotel rooms reserved by the organization.  

** The hotel rooms are three star hotels with convenient rooms. We reserved a number of rooms for early applicants (first come, first serve). After acceptance of your application, we will confirm your booking. Hotel costs are € 100 on average per night. You will pay the actual costs of the hotel room and will be invoiced by the hotel.

Invoice and charging
The fee for the Summer School will be charged to you by invoice. The invoice has to be paid before July 15th.

1) It is only possible to apply for the whole week. If you are accepted you will be informed before June 6th.
2) The organisation has the right to cancel the Summer School if there are not enough applications.

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